We love pictures! That’s why we will film and photograph our events.

When you participate in one of our luncheons or special events you are entering an area where we may take photographs or film. We do such fun stuff who wouldn’t want to document it? By attending one of our luncheons or special events you consent to photography, video recording and it’s release and publication for promotional purposes by Patriot Spouses’ Club. We use these images and video to showcase what occurred¬†at each event as well as promote similar events in the future. You release all Patriot Spouses’ Club members, officers, and volunteers from any liability¬†connected with taking photographs of filming.

Your presence at our luncheons or events means that you waive all rights to claims of payment or royalties for the images, and the use of such images, regardless of their purpose. You also waive any right to approve an image captured. If we do post an image that just isn’t that flattering and you would like removed from our website, and/or social media please contact us and we’ll do our best effort to accommodate your special request, please be aware some instances are out of our control.

You have been fully informed of your consent, waiver of liability, and release before entering the event.