Monthly Luncheons

September-Getting to Know You—September 12, 2017
Come and join us at the LETRA Lodge at our first luncheon of the year! See familiar faces and make new friends by playing our “Getting to Know You” Bingo game.

October—Soldier for a Day—October 10, 2017
Join us in October so you can see what it’s like to be a Soldier for a Day! We will start the day with PRT (warm ups), then break up into groups to do CASEVAC (medical support), hand grenades, machine guns, pugil sticks and of course, conquer the 40’ Treadwell Tower! We will also be eating MRE’s and applying face paint. At the end of the day, you’ll receive a certificate and a dog tag to commemorate the day.

November—Make It, Bake It, Fake It—November 14, 2017
This month, we will not only host our monthly luncheon, but we’ll also do something a little different. To get ready for the holiday season, we will host a silent auction with items that our members make, bake or “fake,” where you can purchase something and donate it. You don’t have to make a donation to attend. It will be fun to have lunch with friends, and maybe even find something to bid on!

December—A Walk Back in Time—December 12, 2017
This month, we will take A Walk Back in Time. We will be taking a walking tour of two historic buildings here on Fort Sill! We will meet in the Old Post Quadrangle (OPQ) where we will get to tour the Old Calvary Barracks and the Old Guardhouse. We will then break up into smaller groups and dine on porches in the OPQ. This is also a “walk back in time,” as we did this luncheon back in 2014. Since there are a number of members who are new to Ft. Sill, we thought this would be a great way to look back and get to learn more about its history!

January—Relax and Unwind—January 16, 2018
With the holiday season all good and done, let’s meet up in January to Relax and Unwind! We can catch up to see what we all did on our winter break and also learn about meditation and other techniques to help you relax.

February—No luncheon
We won’t be having a luncheon in February due to the Denim & Diamonds Casino Night.

March—Minute to Win It—March 13, 2018
Since March Madness starts on this day, why not have our own games, PSC style? This month, we will host our Minute to Win It luncheon. We will have fun playing a few games and winning some prizes…What can be better than that? Come to have some fun and cheer each other on! Attire is casual, but feel free to wear your favorite college or sports shirt or cap. That will earn you a free throw, aka–an extra opportunity ticket.

April— Bingo—April 10, 2018
It is a yearly tradition to host a Bingo luncheon in the Patriot Spouses’ Club!  Please join us and get ready to yell “BINGO” and win some prizes!

May—Celebrate Good Times Come On!—May 8, 2018
As the luncheon theme suggests, let’s all gather at our last luncheon of the year and “Celebrate Good Times Come On!” We will be saying farewell to our outgoing board and welcoming our incoming board. We will celebrate the friendships that were made and also, through our membership’s hard work, we will highlight our Welfare recipients.
In addition, since the Kentucky Derby is held in May, let’s dress to the occasion. Come wearing your Sunday best and if you wear a fascinator or a hat, you’ll receive an extra opportunity ticket. Please join us and celebrate another year of the Patriot Spouses’ Club!