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Welcome to the Patriot Post, the Ways and Means store of the Fort Sill Patriots Spouses' Club.  Please make your selections below. Thank you for using our services. We work hard every day to provide the best experience possible for customers and members, such as yourself. Your patronage means we are doing something right, but we’ll continue to improve to better serve you.

Vendors for September 2022

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Tables are provided. If you need an outlet, email Carrie @ hospitality.fspsc@gmail.com Does not include lunch. Please notify Carrie if you wish to eat by 14 September 2022. The price is an additional $21.00 and must be paid at the luncheon. The menu is Tuscan Chicken grilled 6oz breast topped with a sundried tomato and spinach cream sauce. Malibu vegetables, Skinned red potatoes, tea, and water. A Mimosa bar is available for $4

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